Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rorschach Animal

This one was done with a few small drops of red, yellow, and white acrylic paint squished between two sides of a folded paper. The first few "ink blots" I made were too dark and scary looking. This one took me a minute to see, but then it was clearly a lion with a butterfly on his head! If I do this again (which I might, because it's fun when you get an idea!) I will use lighter/brighter colors and a thinner medium. The lines were done with black sharpie after it dried.

Here's the original idea at Teach Kids Art.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Washable Marker Elephant

For this one you draw the elephant and then trace it in black washable marker. The wrinkles, eye, and toes are done with thin permanent marker so they won't bleed. Then you use a a wet paintbrush to draw the color out from the washable marker to make gray (and blue). When it dries you cut out the elephant. The background is a separate sheet done with watercolor and salt and then grass and trees added with chalk pastels. I love the process of making washable marker bleed with water!

Here's the original idea at Fun Art 4 Kids.

Adjective, Adjective, Noun

enourmous, red-headed flower pot
tough, blonde moose
A simple idea, but so fun and open-ended! Use a random word generator to pick two adjectives and a noun (you can keep on clicking till you find good ones.) You could also pair up with someone to pick the words for each other as a sort of fun challenge. I did the challenge with my brother and used water colors with black pen outlines.

Here's the original idea at