Saturday, November 6, 2010

Klimt Tree

Gustav Klimt is an artist who is known for using lots of gold in his paintings. This project uses gold and silver markers to make a tree based on one of his works. It actually calls for more colors of metallic markers, but I got by with my little metallic gel pens. It was so fun and easy to do! I especially liked doing the dots and stars along the branches.

Here's the original idea at Art Lessons for Kids (another new site I just found!)


  1. Wow! Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I love the Klimt allusions. So I started clicking on some of your "original idea" links. I wanted to know what neat tricks you were using to create such art. I was shocked to see that you actually just DRAW! On your own!! Wow!! Love all this art you're producing. And I can imagine what joy it is bringing you! How wonderful!! So what do you do with all your artwork? Rosanna found this huge pegboard on craigslist (like from a school or something) - and she posts ppl's pictures on it. That'd be perfect for all your artwork!

    Anyway, I love this tree!!

  2. So when do *I* get my shout-out for commenting on all your lovely work!?!? Yeesh. Where's the love!?

    Cereally though, I hadn't checked back here since you FB-posted it. I gotta be a regular since you're now a regular artist!